Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief Efforts
Hurricane Irma Relief Options
Baptists on Mission  (NC Baptist Men)
Our hearts and prayers are with the people most affected by Hurricane Irma. Please continue to pray for people who are being affected by Irma.  Also, please pray for our volunteers who will be going to help. NCBM Disaster Relief volunteers and equipment are ready to respond.  Florida Baptists have us on the first call list when it is safe to move.  We will need many volunteers to help with the initial feeding efforts and later with recovery work.
To donate to the NCBM relief effort:
Hurricane Harvey Relief Options
Hurricane Harvey has wreaked unprecedented havoc on the people in portions of Texas.  We have been getting more and more information about various ways we can help those who have been affected by this storm and its lingering effects. 
Perhaps you have already given toward this cause.  If not, and you have a desire to do so, then you might find the options below helpful.
North American Mission Board (NAMB)
  • NAMB coordinates its efforts with various Baptist state conventions.  You might not realize it, but this coordinated effort makes it the third largest disaster relief agency in the United States behind FEMA and the Red Cross.
  • Use this link to donate to NAMB’s efforts or to volunteer to assist in this relief  -> NAMB
Baptists on Mission  (NC Baptist Men)
  • NC Baptist Disaster Relief is standing by ready to assist in Hurricane Harvey response and recovery. Mobile kitchens, shower units, laundry units, bunk units, generators and more are available as needed.  Pray for those affected.  Pray for the volunteers that will help in a great time of need.
  • Right now, many of our NC volunteers are involved in relief efforts which will include, feeding, disaster recovery (mud-outs, tear-outs, chainsaw work), chaplaincy, providing showers, doing laundry and much more. We have one of our large feeding kitchens on its way to Nederland, TX (near Beaumont).  This region of Texas has suffered quite a bit of flooding from Hurricane Harvey and they need our help.  The initial feeding plan calls for about 40,000 meals a day for the Beaumont/Nederland area.  We will prepare up to 30,000 of those meals per day while a kitchen from another state will provide the rest. 
  • Use this link to donate and get involved -> Baptists on Mission
Samaritan’s Purse  donation link =>  Donate